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The 30-Day Belly Challenge: Goodbye Rolls, Hello Six-Pack!

Grab the bacon and let it burn! Can you survive this belly challenge?

We introduce you to THE challenge for the coming month: the 30-day belly challenge!

Let’s start straight away and don’t beat around the bush: Does your stomach feel soft, and does the lifebelt wobble when you go jogging? Then this 30-day belly challenge is for you!

With our workout program, you can get your body back in shape. Of course, you must bring some motivation, because the exercises must be done daily. The good news: You don’t have to go to the gym for this. You can easily do the workout at home!

Practical: At the end of the article, you will find a 30-day stomach challenge plan with all the exercises to print out! He shows you exactly how to go about training so that you improve every day! And who knows, maybe you’ll be motivated for more fitness challenge campaigns after our successful belly reduction program: After all, legs, buttocks, and arms also want to be in good shape! Of course, we also have the proper training for you. With our workouts, you can train your body from head to toe in top condition in just four weeks!

Are you ready? Then let’s get to the (belly) bacon!

Extra Tip: With A Nutrition Plan For A Flat Stomach

A nutrition plan can be the solution if a flat stomach doesn’t work. He tells you which dishes should be on the plate to build muscle and lose fat.

With the complete program from fitment, you can create an individual fitness and nutrition plan with delicious recipes tailored to your needs.

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30-Day Abdominal Challenge: Crunches

Start with classic crunches. This is how you train your straight abdominal muscles.

And This Is How The Exercise Works:

Lie on your back. You place your feet a little distance from your buttocks. She puts her hands lightly on the back of her head. Tighten your stomach and slowly raise your upper body (just up to the shoulder blades) a few centimetres off the floor. Then you can lower your upper body again, but don’t lay it entirely on the floor.

If you like, you can also incorporate side crunches, but don’t worry. We’ll show you the bicycle crunches in a moment, which will challenge your transverse abdominal muscles.

(It also works without a challenge: 3 times 12 repetitions)

30-Day Abdominal Challenge: Bicycle Crunches

And This Is How The Exercise Works:

Lie on your back, and tighten your stomach. Lift your legs off the ground. Always alternately bend one leg, so the calf is parallel to the floor. Place your fingertips on the back of your head, then alternately bring your right elbow and left knee and your left elbow and right knee together. Attention: Don’t forget to breathe and don’t hollow your back.

  • Perform the repetitions as indicated in the challenge plan on each side.
  • Variant for beginners: put the lower leg down on the floor.
  • (It also works without a challenge: 3 times 15 repetitions per side)

30-Day Abdominal Challenge: Plank

And This Is How The Exercise Works:

Lie on your stomach. Now support your forearms on the floor. Elbows should be under the shoulders. Forearms extended straight ahead. You can clasp your hands as you wish. Now tighten your stomach and push your body up. The weight is carried by your forearms and the tips of your toes. Make sure your butt doesn’t slide up or down.

(It also works without a challenge: 2 times 30 seconds).

30-Day Abdominal Challenge: Leg Raise

And This Is How The Exercise Works:

First, lie on your back and stretch out your legs. Then slowly lift your legs off the floor and stretch them up. Let her sink to the ground very slowly. This is about controlling your abs, not momentum! You can put your hands under your bottom for support, so you don’t arch your back.

For Beginners:

First, lift one leg straight and let it slowly sink to the ground. Feel your abdominal muscles and hold the position in between. Then switch legs.

(It also works without a challenge: ​3 times 15 repetitions.)

We want to be honest with you, hence a pearl of well-known wisdom from the gym: “A six-pack is made in the kitchen.” Yes, you read that right, so that you can see the muscles on your stomach, your body fat must also be reduced, and the best way to do that is to change your diet.

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