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Start Your Day Relaxed: This Saves You A Lot Of Time In The Morning

Have you ever noticed that there are exactly two types of people? Those who get up early and start the day completely rested and relaxed. And then there are the others who are always stressed and rushed in the morning.

Get up early to get more out of the day. You’re sure to do well with it if you can do it. But that’s not an option for those who find it difficult to get out of bed early. Are you (like us) one of the others? Who gets stressed as soon as the alarm clock rings? Who has to rush and not have a second to catch their breath because time is running away?

Of course, we can still do everything, even a round of sports that bring the children to school and can still walk the dog. But all that with a lot of stress.

Exactly for them, we thought about it and looked at what (in the morning) relaxed people do differently. The result is a few tips so that you, too, can start your day without time pressure and stress.

Use The Evening To Prepare

Avoid stress in the morning the night before. So that you can start the day more relaxed in the morning, use your evening routine. It sounds so simple, but so few use the evening to prepare. Simple doesn’t mean bad or nonsensical. So before you go to bed, take some time to plan your day.

Get Your Clothes Ready

Plan your outfit for the next day and layout your clothes. It is best to put the clothes in the right order. So what you put on first is on top. Like a belt you put on at the end, accessories are at the bottom.

A look at your weather app saves you from time-consuming outfit surprises. No more spontaneous styling chaos because you have to reschedule because of the temperature or precipitation.

Enjoy A Beauty Routine In The Evening

What takes up the most time in the morning? Mostly it’s the styling. The same applies here: Seize the evening! Enjoy the beauty routine before bed to the fullest and pamper your skin with care. So you wake up in the morning with a fresh look and radiant skin. That saves time.

It’s best to shower in the evening and wash your hair because washing your cat in the morning is quicker. Styling boosters such as dry shampoo help you get your hair moving in the morning.

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Plan Your Hairstyle

Speaking of hair: the hairstyle, in particular, is a challenge for many when it has to be done quickly. So also plan your hairstyle for the next day. It is well known that you should not wash your hair every day. That’s why it’s great to think about hairstyles between washing your hair that suit you and saving time. Dry shampoo is great for anyone who wants to go without washing their hair from time to time. It makes greasy hair fresh again and conjures up the volume in the flat roots. Section your hair into several strands and spray the dry shampoo along the roots. Leave it on for a moment and massage it in. Then brush outdone!

Dry shampoo is also perfect for fine hair because it gives volume without weighing it down. Don’t brush your hair to add body. The dry shampoo gives it a lot of volume.

Tip For Braids: Spray on the dry shampoo in the evening. This allows the product to act longer, making the hair much more manageable. So nothing stands in the way of braided hairstyles.

If you’re the type of ponytail or messy bun for every day, that’s also wonderful, as long as you feel comfortable with it.

Meal Prep: Prepare Meals

Prepare your breakfast. Overnight oats are delicious, nutritious, and, as the name suggests, you prepare them the night before. You can also prepare smoothies and juices the night before. This saves a lot of time, and you can do the dishes directly.

Of course, you can do this with all meals of the day. There are so many great recipes to cook in advance.

Schedule A Time Buffer

You should always plan a small time buffer to avoid stress if you have children. Sounds so easy, but unfortunately, it is not at all. Because just saving 15 minutes is anything but easy if you take care of yourself and take care of other little people.

The time buffer is always worthwhile to plan for the unforeseen, be it for organising the dog’s care while you rush to the doctor with the sick child or a ride for the kids because the car won’t start.

Of course, what applies to you also applies to the whole family. So that you and your children can start the day with less stress, the same applies to them as to you:

  • Lay out your clothes in the evening.
  • Pack your school bag.
  • Go swimming and prepare food.

Optimise Your Morning Routine

Whether you start your day with a leisurely breakfast or a quick pick-me-up, there are many ways to streamline your morning routine and shave those precious minutes.

Either way, it’s important to stick to a schedule. Not only do you leave your home styled, well-groomed, and confident enough for the day ahead, but you can also avoid the morning rush hour. After all, sometimes only five minutes decide between traffic jams and non-traffic jams.

Is Getting Up Earlier An Option?

Waking up an hour earlier might sound like a great idea, but let’s face it, it

It’s a real challenge for some of us.

First and foremost, it means getting up 60 minutes earlier than normal. If you’re already having difficulty waking up early, it might not be such a good idea. Even if you manage to go to bed an hour earlier, it sometimes takes a few weeks to get used to the new rhythm and maintain it. We all know that time changes. But if you’re disciplined and like to set your schedule, it’s a great way to save time in the morning.

We hope you find ways that work for you and your life to make your mornings more relaxed. Without setting the alarm an hour earlier, there are many tricks to start the day relaxed and efficiently. Just wait, maybe the morning will soon be your absolute me-time.


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