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How To Use Vitamin C On The Face? See Special Tips!

Surely you’ve heard of vitamin C, either by a dermatologist or by that influencer you like to follow. But do you know the main benefits of this substance or how to use vitamin C on your face?

Its success is directly linked to its benefits to our skin. Among the main ones are preventing premature aging, reducing fine lines, and fighting against stains. Follow our tips and learn more about it!

What Is Vitamin C For?

After all, what is vitamin C for on the face? This substance is a powerful nutrient that can be ingested or used topically despite not being produced by our body.

As the skin is daily exposed to the aggressions of pollution and sunlight, it is recommended to use vitamin C to ensure that your skin will enjoy several benefits, such as:

  • Combats blemishes and evens out skin tone;
  • Decreased signs of expression and aging, such as fine lines;
  • Stimulation of elastin and collagen production, enhancing firmness;
  • Antioxidant action, protecting the skin from the movement of the sun’s rays;
  • Protection against free radicals, preventing premature aging.

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What Types Of Vitamin C Are For The Face?

With so many benefits, it’s easy to understand why you use vitamin C on your face. If you’re wondering what types of these nutrients are, don’t worry, we’ll explain everything!

In general, cosmetics can be divided into two versions: one with pure vitamin C and the other with derivatives. The first option, also known as “ascorbic acid” or “l-ascorbic acid”, is very fragile and oxidizes quickly when it comes in contact with water or air. The result of this is the loss of its properties rapidly.

From this characteristic of vitamin Cure, the researchers began to study the possibility of derivative versions, such as ascorbyl palmitate and ascorbyl phosphate. But what is the difference between these two types?

Common in cosmetic compositions, ascorbyl palmitate is nano encapsulated (with excellent skin penetration), highly stable and liposoluble (soluble in fat). Ascorbyl phosphate is indicated for sensitive skin as it has a smoother action.

How To Use Vitamin C On The Face?

We come to the question that doesn’t want to shut up: how to use vitamin C on the face? To help you in this process and make your skincare even more precise and efficient, we have separated some essential tips:

  • Cleanse with soap suitable for your skin type;
  • With a clean face, apply your vitamin C with your fingers;
  • Wait for the product to dry, and apply sunscreen to enhance skin protection.

Another frequent question is the ideal time to apply the vitamin to the face. If you’ve heard that it can’t be used during the day, know that this is a myth. Take a look at our recommendations on how to use vitamin C on your face at night and during the day:

  • During the day: it is recommended that your product be used in conjunction with sunscreen. This is because it increases the photoprotection of the skin, in addition to protecting it from pollution;
  • At night: apply the vitamin in those few minutes of skincare before bed and leave it on overnight. In this case, it can be used before the moisturizer.

Serums are usually products to treat and prevent blemishes, as they have ingredients such as vitamin C and hydroquinone. The difference between them and our product is that our formula brings an exclusive white shiitake mushroom extract combined with our vitamin C derivative.

This composition offers much faster, more powerful and long-lasting results. But it doesn’t stop there, as it reduces the appearance of dark spots, brightens the skin and has a balanced formula that doesn’t irritate. Best of all, it can be used daily for morning and night skincare.

Applying our vitamin C serum is very easy: two to three pumps are enough to use on the face and neck. Do this process by massaging the skin with your fingertips. Then apply your moisturizer, and don’t forget to protect your skin throughout the day.

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