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How To Lose Weight Correctly?

Many people have a permanent goal of losing weight. In fact, this practice, often combined with “miracle diets,” can be pretty harmful. First, we must know if we need to lose weight or are already in the range of our ideal weight.

Afterward, it is necessary to reduce the measures healthily, without radicalism. This is because situations such as being overweight or obese can develop from different factors, such as bad habits or health problems.

In this context, it is essential to understand what your ideal weight is. And one of the ways to have this knowledge is by calculating the BMI – body mass index and ideal weight. This index is calculated from the relationship between the weight and height of each person. It indicates the recommended weight range for each individual, between the minimum weight (BMI below 18.5) and the maximum weight (BMI up to 25).

So, if you’ve calculated your Ideal Weight and found that you need to lose weight, check out our tips below to help you with that goal.

Four Tips To Lose Weight Correctly

Among the best practices for healthily losing weight are:

Look For A Transdisciplinary Team Specializing In Obesity Treatment

As we have seen, following the so-called “miracle diets” or even someone else’s diet can harm your health. To have a diagnosis of what is causing overweight or obesity and an indication of the best treatment for your specific case, it is essential to seek the support of a professional.

A nutritionist, for example, will be able to put together the right food plan for your type of need and metabolism, helping you develop a healthier eating routine favorable to weight loss.

Have Periodic Check-Ups

Regular check-ups are very favorable to help detect problems in their initial stages, making their treatment more agile and assertive.

The lack of vitamins, and iron, among other elements, can cause various health problems. And by doing check-ups, you will be able to detect them before they become more serious, adjusting your diet accordingly to lose weight without losing your health.

Invest In Physical Activities

Regular physical activity is recommended in any situation, even more so when you want to lose weight. Therefore, a sedentary lifestyle is an enemy that needs to be overcome to lose weight healthily.

Therefore, find a physical activity that interests you in a gym or even to be practiced at home or in a park – the important thing is to keep your body moving.

Know that, in addition to helping you lose fat and build lean mass, exercising will generate a sense of well-being and reduce anxiety – which often leads to excessive food consumption due to impulsiveness.

Change Your Eating Habits

Contrary to what some people mistakenly claim, “closing your mouth” is not a good practice for losing weight or maintaining your health. Food re-education is needed. And it includes, for example, increasing and varying the consumption of servings of fruits and vegetables, in addition to increasing the supply of high-protein foods.

It is also essential to eliminate the consumption of processed and fast food items from your routine. In addition to causing different types of diseases, this food commonly has excess fat, sodium, and simple carbohydrates in its composition, making the weight loss process much more difficult.

Also, eating more regularly, but in smaller amounts, can also help you lose weight. Naturally, for this, you need to prefer more nutritious food.

And to live healthier and lose weight, adopting habits like the ones we’ve seen here is essential to change this situation and achieve better results.

Finally, it is worth remembering that many people who want to lose weight consider bariatric surgery. It is recommended for some instances, but a specialist can only give this indication.

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