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How Do I Preserve My Skin During The Summer?

Our skin is (just) recovering from confinement with a previously unknown lifestyle but also from deconfinement because wearing a mask has made our skin even more sensitive. However, summer has already started well! And to fully benefit from its benefits, nothing beats preparing to give yourself beautiful skin and a nice tan!

Why Pamper Your Skin During The Summer?

You will have understood our skin needs to be pampered so as not to suffer the constraints inherent in summer! These small actions that you adopt will allow it to react as best as possible to these new attacks, thus avoiding sensitization or dehydration and, ultimately, premature aging. Because, yes, summer puts our skin to the test! Among the changes initiated in our lifestyle habits at this time of the year, we can mention:

  • Water: Whether it is swimming pool water, sea water when swimming, or even tap water to cool your face, it sensitizes our skin. So, it would help if you got into the habit of rinsing your face with, for example, a spray of purified water or even demineralized water.
  • Wind air conditioning: They both act in a roughly similar way: they alter the hydrolipidic film. This is no longer present to prevent the evaporation of water, called perspiration. Result: the skin loses moisture, and significant dehydration sets in. It is, therefore, essential to provide him with the best possible hydration.
  • Air pollution: It increases when the weather is good. As a result, these toxins blur our complexion and weaken our skin.
  • Sweating: When the thermometer rises, the sweat glands secrete perspiration to reduce body temperature. As a result, this salty secretion sensitizes our skin a little more.
  • UV rays: They constitute, of course, an additional constraint for the skin, which ends up having difficulty managing all these external aggressions.

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Preserve Your Skin During The Summer And Take Care Of It From The Inside!

Did you know that your skin also takes care of itself from the inside? Yes yes, many active ingredients can be provided through food! To do this, it is a question of promoting a diet rich in antioxidants composed of red or orange fruits and vegetables. In fact, they mainly contain beta-carotene. They are precursors of vitamin A; that is to say, they are used to produce it. And this vitamin A constitutes super protection for the skin because it hydrates it from the inside and fights against the free radicals produced. However, other active ingredients have an antioxidant action, helping to counteract the effects of pollution or UV rays.

Selenium contained in fish and certain meats is one of them. But we must also mention vitamin E, which is mainly found in vegetable oils and oilseeds. Moreover, these foods are also full of unsaturated fats called omega 3. And these fats strengthen our skin barriers, avoiding the “crocodile skin” phenomenon. We cannot ignore it, particularly at this time! They are also found in small oily fish such as mackerel or sardines.

Last but not least, hydration!

Drinking 1.5 liters of water per day helps maintain optimal hydration. This gesture takes on its full importance at this time when the skin is subject to many elements responsible for its dehydration, such as wind, air conditioning, or even heat. The goal: to drink! To do this, the choice is wide between water, infusions, or even flavored waters. Lemon, red fruits, aromatic herbs: there is something for everyone!

Skin Hydration To Preserve Your Skin!

Hydration also means choosing a suitable cream that compensates for water loss from your skin. As you will have understood, dehydration accelerates in summer! So the goal, whatever your skin type – dry, normal, combination, or oily – is to provide it with plenty of water to compensate for this loss! To do this, adapt the dosage: favor a low-oily formula for oily to combine skin. With this in mind, the Intense Moisturizing Serum followed by the Global Care or the Matifying Rebalancing Fluid is ideal!

For normal to dry skin, opt for a richer texture, such as the Moisturizing Cream in a light version. for normal skin or rich for dry skin. Furthermore, you can regularly use the Sensélina Soothing Spray. In addition to hydrating, it provides freshness and soothing throughout the day! Acting in preventive mode will prevent dehydration from setting in.

Preserving Your Skin Also Means Exposing Yourself Differently…

Although sun protection remains essential, a few tips will allow you to better benefit from the benefits of the sun without damaging your skin. First, it’s about exposing yourself gradually. We wait to tell ourselves for a whole day as soon as the excellent weather returns. Otherwise, it’s a guaranteed disaster! We start gently with exposures of a quarter of an hour, then we gradually increase.

As a result, the skin has time to synthesize melanin, the active ingredient that protects it and allows it to tolerate subsequent exposures better. We also learn to spot shady places. Contrary to popular belief, just because you’re in the shade doesn’t mean you don’t tan. Indeed, the strong reverberation in summer allows you to tan even without direct exposure.

In addition, we must admit that it is more pleasant to tan under your parasol than in full sun! There is too much of a tendency to equate tanning with direct exposure. Did you also know that even on cloudy days, 90% of UV rays pass through? Final advice regarding exposure: avoid the hottest hours (between noon and 4pm) because the sun is too intense. Result: it burns the skin, and it is the opposite effect of what was expected!

Cosmetics Suitable For Summer

In view of all these attacks, it is essential to choose your cosmetics carefully. Sensitized skin needs to be soothed. But antioxidant active ingredients are also necessary because these attacks create damage, the main consequence of which is the creation of free radicals. Sensélina products are specifically designed to protect the skin from all these nuisances.

Thanks to their formulation, it will be better able to face these new challenges! Yes, summer is a source of aggression for your skin. But thanks to a few simple reflexes, you will preserve it, be able to enhance it, and thoroughly enjoy the benefits of this beautiful season!

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