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HCG Drops: Is This Diet Harmful?

Be slim like a Hollywood star? This is what the hormone diet from the USA promises, developed 40 years ago by Dr. Albert T. Simeons, and is still making waves today. Women and men take hormones by injection or drops to lose weight faster and better. But is that healthy? Or is the HCG drop diet even harmful to our body?

The Principle Behind The HCG Drop Diet

Eat little, exercise a lot: The HCG drop diet has a lot in common with classic crash diets. However, she has an alleged miracle weapon: the hormone HCG. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a pregnancy hormone. Pregnant women produce it so that their child is optimally supplied with nutrients. It is formed in the placenta during pregnancy and ensures that the mother’s fat reserves are attacked as soon as they are needed, i.e., a shortage of food.

Both women and men take HCG as drops or injections. The aim is to stimulate fat burning. Feelings of hunger and ravenous hunger attacks should not arise. The muscle mass should not be attacked either.

This Is How The HCG Drop Diet Works

Unfortunately, taking the HCG drops alone is not enough to disappear the excessive fat deposits. During the diet, food intake is drastically reduced to 500 kcal. For comparison: an adult woman needs, on average, between 1,800 and 2,000 kcal, and an adult man around 2,400 kcal per day. Most other diets reduce calorie intake to 1,200 kcal per day to ensure vitamin and mineral intake.

The HCG drop diet is designed for just under a month, during which no more than 500 kcal may be eaten per day. Sugar, fats, and sweeteners should be avoided. As with other diets, it is recommended to drink as much as possible, at least two litres per day, preferably water.

What should be eaten during the HCG diet is not prescribed. Some providers of this concept create diet plans. However, it is only recommended to eat as varied a diet as possible to absorb as many vitamins and minerals as possible. After the HCG drop diet, the diet is low in carbohydrates and fat for the first few weeks so that the yo-yo effect does not destroy all successes.

In addition to the calorie-reduced diet, you should exercise regularly.

The Cost Of The HCG Drop Diet

Various providers offer the hormone diet with drops or injections. The costs amount to several hundred to thousands of euros. Since it is recommended to do the diet only under medical supervision, it is advisable to go to an extraordinary practice that offers the HCG diet. Providers on the Internet should be checked to see whether there are already complaints about the company on the Internet and what the site’s website is like. For example, if there is no full imprint with the address and the page is teeming with spelling mistakes, the offer is probably not serious.

Conclusion: The HCG Drop Diet – Is It Harmful?

So drastically reduced food intake over a long period is not healthy. ” The HCG drop diet can be harmful to people. On the one hand, the body is not sufficiently supplied with essential nutrients. In addition, it is not healthy if he is fed unnecessary hormones. Those who lose weight should instead change their diet over the long term and exercise regularly.” This confirms that weight loss has nothing to do with hormones but that extremely little is Eaten. Possible side effects of the HCG diet are headaches, fatigue, and menstrual disorders in women.

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