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The Diet You Must Follow To Combat Against Cellulite

Diet plays a fundamental role in the fight against cellulite. Cellulite is one of the main aesthetic concerns of women and to fight it, not only professional treatments and sports can be of help. Diet also plays a fundamental role.

” In our diet plan it is essential to have products of varied quality, with abundant vegetables and animal and vegetable protein, leaving the fruits for the first third of the day, ” says Biri Murias, director and facialist at Biri beauty centres. You died.

Cellulite is a bacterial skin infection characterized by the accumulation of adipose tissue, manifesting itself above all on the thighs and buttocks, and also on the arms and abdomen. Genetic and hormonal causes influence the appearance of these dimples, but also others such as lack of exercise, body fat, fluid retention and diet.

” The chapter of our food routines is essential so that we have a silhouette without toxins, without fluid retention, a quality dermis and with adequate weight. ” Cellulite is a bacterial skin infection characterized by the accumulation of adipose tissue

There are foods that we must include in our diet to fight cellulite or prevent its presence.

  1. ” Water is key for the body to maintain a good general metabolism and to avoid fluid retention that can cause vascular problems and also be the direct cause of cellulite. The water eliminates toxins, is recommended that it be low in sodium, less than 20mg / litre of water, ” adds the expert.
  2. ” Vegetables are foods high in water, low in sodium and high in potassium. Vegetables, such as asparagus, zucchini, celery or artichokes, strengthen our capillaries and favour diuresis, as well as onion, which activates our circulation and reduces blood sugar levels.
  3. “Foods rich in fibre so that the body absorbs better the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that allow us to keep the skin hydrated”.
  4. ” Legumes contain proteins that help the body build muscle instead of fat. And also the protein of the egg, since it has few calories and fats”.

For all these reasons, experts recommend that having a balanced and varied breakfast, taking the fruits in pieces and not in juice. Include whole grains, whole wheat bread with jerky, Serrano ham, natural jam and an infusion or coffee.

For lunch, “lentils with rice as a source of vegetable protein, adding a cereal that increases its absorption capacity.”

For dinner, we always recommend something lighter, such as grilled wild sea bass and accompanied by artichokes. It is important that dinner is held two hours before going to sleep and avoid the temptation to eat food after dinner or we will destroy everything advanced.

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