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4 Tips For Applying Makeup After 60

Turning 60 today means living, having fun, and enjoying sharing. The sexagenarian of the XIX century is sparkling, flirtatious, and elegant. She likes to shop and show off. From now on, fashion is no longer a question of age, and the big brands have understood this well: they are moving away from frozen dictates and choosing women of all generations to represent them. Do you want to be at the top of your femininity? Here are some tips to enhance your beauty!

Highlight Your Complexion

To look good, all you have to do is adopt the appropriate beauty gestures! It starts with drinking at least 1.5 liters of water throughout the day. It is also necessary to have impeccable life hygiene and banish unsuitable rituals. Avoid, for example, very covering foundations that mask your skin’s natural radiance and prefer a light and moisturizing tinted cream or cream containing reflective particles (BB creams and CC creams are the allies of the epidermis frail and dehydrated).

Here is an absolute rule: you will reserve the use of oilier creams for the night. Have you just applied your cream or serum? Perfect! Now, wait a few moments before applying makeup: your skin must absorb the active ingredients to regenerate. Then use a satin concealer. Choose a fluid product: it will be easy to spread and stay in place without slipping into the fine lines around the eyes.

One last tip: avoid all glittery cosmetics and bronzing powders because these products add a few years, even to the least tired looks… Prefer foundations and creams close to your skin tone. They will bring a touch of natural light to your doll’s face. Once your complexion is sublimated, finish with a cloud of loose powder to fix everything. Above all, have a light hand; your makeup will be subtle and refined!

Make Up Your Eyes For An Irresistible Look

To have the prettiest looks, you must follow a few key steps and eliminate outdated gestures from your beauty routine.

Flawless Eyebrows

To emphasize your look and harmonize your face, take care not to tweeze your eyebrows too much: this hardens the features and makes you look older… Instead, arm yourself with a dry blush and an angled brush to redraw your eyebrows. Do not use a pencil because the result needs to be more natural. You will work your powder gently so that your result is light and transparent.

The Eye Base

Once your brows have been thickened, prep your lids by applying a smoothing primer. This foolproof product will blur your wrinkles and fine lines to keep your eye shadow securely in place. Thanks to this miracle cream, no more shadows are spinning in the creases of the eyelids! It is the assurance of a fresh look throughout the day.

The Colored Makeup

Once the base has been applied, you will use a little colored shadow to enhance your eyes and add a touch of light. Choose “nude” makeup or a pastel shade. Dark shadows should be avoided: they close the eyes and give a rugged look. On the other hand, the light powders make the peepers sparkle, but it is better to forget the iridescent powders, which hide wrinkles badly.

The Line Of Kohl

Can you only do with a line of pencil or kohl to highlight your look? No problem! Forget, however, the smoky makeup and the black lines inside the mucous membrane; they would spin in the fine lines that give you all your personality! Prefer plum or soft brown colors that will enlarge your doe eyes.

Volume Mascara

Here is the final step for a look full of mischief! Apply a nice layer of volumizing mascara that will lengthen your lashes and curl them in one go. Wear The Prettiest Smile It’s time to move on to makeup your mouth. Before you start, avoid all shades of matte and dark lipstick; they mark fine lines more efficiently and give an unkempt appearance. That’s not all! They make the lips look thinner than they are.

I prefer products with a satin texture in soft colors. The shades of pink and peach will thus be the most beautiful effect. Another point to respect: you will make sure to select lipsticks enriched with moisturizing agents. If you want to use a pencil to redefine the outline of your mouth, choose it in the same color as your lipstick and apply it without going over your natural line. This cosmetic accessory has a definite advantage: it prevents lipstick from running.

Apply Your Blush Elegantly

To complete your beauty treatment, apply a slight blush on your cheekbones, stretching it towards the temples. You will opt for a product with little coverage and a dew color. It will instantly give you a healthy glow and bring a fresh touch to your porcelain complexion. Be careful, however, to coordinate your blush with your favorite lipstick!

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