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Core Training: The Six Best Exercises For A Flat, Toned Stomach

Do you want a flat, toned stomach? Then core training is THE solution!

Sit-ups until you drop and your stomach still doesn’t get flat? There are many reasons for that. With sit-ups, we only work the superficial muscles and forget about the deep ones. These are formed explicitly during so-called core training.

The word ‘core’ means ‘core,’ and core training is concerned with toning the deep muscles in the core. If they are strong, the stomach is flat, we walk straighter, and back pain is a thing of the past.

Incidentally, core training is not as bad as many might fear. Most even know exercises, because the training principle has become more and more popular in recent years. Many BBP courses include some of the core exercises in their programs. The plank is a holding exercise for the abdomen and back, for example, or the vertical scale.

Core training can be done anywhere at home or in the office. Many exercises only use bodyweight. It is essential that you find a quiet spot and fully concentrate on doing the exercises correctly. When performing the activities, the pelvic floor muscles must be tight at all times. At the same time, the navel is pulled inwards and upwards. Only when we tense our stomachs like this, do we do the core training correctly, and it works.

Exercise 1: Plank With Arm Raises

The forearm plan strengthens the entire core musculature and the arms and lower back.

This Is How It Works:

Get into the forearm support: The elbows are under the shoulders, the legs are a little more than hip-width apart. Extending the right arm straight ahead from this position – the torso remains tight. Hold for a second or two and return to the starting position. Do the same exercise with your left arm.

Six to nine repetitions per side

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Exercise 2: The ‘Y’

Everyone who often complains about pain in the neck or shoulder area should do this core training regularly.

Here’s How It Works:

Lie on your stomach with your forehead relaxed on the floor. The legs are about hip-width apart. Now stretch your arms straight and raise them diagonally in front of you so that your body forms a ‘Y.’ In this position, press your shoulder blades back and down and raise and lower your arms six to eight times.

Exercise 3: Shoulder Bridge With The Bent Leg

Almost every woman wants tighter legs and a firmer bottom. With this core exercise, the wish finally becomes a reality!

Here’s How It Works:

Lie on your back on the floor, feet up, legs bent at about 90 degrees. The arms lie relaxed next to the body with the palms open upwards. Now press your heels into the ground and lift your bottom. The butt is high in the air and forms a straight line with the back and shoulders. From this position, pull your right knee toward your chest. Stand down again and pull your left knee towards your chest—ten repetitions per side.

Exercise 4: Stretched Side Plank With Marching

Many know the simple side plank as a great core workout for the waist. Here the exercise is more complicated and ensures firm abdominal muscles and muscular arms. Beginners keep the side plank simple.

Here’s How It Works:

Get into the side plank on the left side: The body is held only by the side of the foot and the supported forearm and forms a straight line. The elbow is under the shoulder, and the pelvis is straight and neither forward nor backward. The right-hand rests on the hip. Now shift your weight to the top leg, pull the bottom portion, the left one, towards your chest, and hold for a second or two. Return to the starting position and do six to eight repetitions before switching to the right side.

Exercise 5: Side Lunges

Another excellent core workout exercise that tightens and strengthens your legs and buttocks.

How To Do It:

Stand upright with your legs wide open. The toes point forward. The upper body is straight, and the hands are joined in front of the chest. Then bend your right leg and, at the same time, push your pelvis to the right. The left leg stays straight the whole time, and the foot points forward. Hold briefly, then come back to centre, bend your left leg and push your pelvis to the left.

Ten repetitions per side

Core Training, Exercise 6: Standing Scales With Stretched Arms

The exercise looks simple but strengthens the entire body and improves balance.

Here’s How It Works:

stand upright. Shift your weight to your left leg, and don’t lock your knee completely. Release the right leg from the floor and at the same time push the pelvis forward, bend the upper body along with a straight back, and stretch out the arms straight. Hold for a few seconds and lower your leg back down. Do six to eight reps, then switch legs.

Have they acquired a taste? Training plans and many other exercises can be found in the book ‘Core Performance for Women.’ In addition to the activities, the book offers nutrition tips, experience reports and helps women find their inner balance.

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