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Reborn: Beauty Gums To Taste

REBORN are tiny savory beauty gummies, also called gummies. This new range of vegan food supplements is shaking up and waking up the French well-being and Nutri cosmetics market. Say goodbye to hard-to-swallow capsules and welcome to gummies. These little beauty gums, easy to chew, so pleasant in the mouth, and greedy with a fruity taste, will make your beauty routine a concentration of pleasure and efficiency. Ô Magazine reveals all about Reborn and its beauty to taste…

How Were REBORN And Beauty Erasers Born?

The world was born in 2019 thanks to Pauline Mailleron. Following a malignant scalp tumor, its founder, aged 35, aroused envy. Between the scar that weakens her scalp and the delicate health of her hair, she tests and compares everything on the food supplement market and decides to create her brand. Its goal? Reinventing nutricosmetics, in particular the galenic of the capsule, tasteless and difficult to swallow, often the cause of his stomach ailments. With the help of an aesthetic doctor specializing in hair, Reborn and its beauty gums were born to be tasted.

Beauty Gums To Taste: Efficiency, Harmony And Ethics

REBORN is shaped around three fundamental values: efficiency, harmony and ethics.


Gums or gummies have better bioavailability than traditional pills and have more vitamins and minerals.

Harmony Or “Game Changer” Innovation

The goal is to make a fresh start. Adopt a healthy lifestyle that is good for you, preserve the environment and make it sustainable.


Reborn cares about the environment and your health. Developed in a French laboratory, thus favoring a short circuit, Reborn is part of an eco-responsible approach. The products are not tested on animals. The erasers are packaged in recyclable bottles without bisphenol A or phthalate. The packaging is innovative and practical and thus preserves the aromas.

REBORN Beauty Treatments

Reborn has two unisex product lines, suitable for both women and men. The Hair and Nails cure nourishes and promotes hair growth, and the Gold and Glow cure will enhance your complexion. In the form of lion’s heads, Reborn beauty gummies are natural, vegan, completely clean tablets formulated with vitamins and minerals and low sugar content. Available in pharmacies, drugstores and on the website, www.reborn.paris.fr, without shipping costs.

Beauty Erasers To Taste: Hair & Nails

This veritable supercharged tutti frutti cure will nourish your nails and hair from the inside. Strength, beauty, boosted growth, simply by tasting two little lions at any time of the day. With Reborn, you benefit from the daily intake necessary to beautify your nails and hair.

Composed of Horsetail – Vitamin A, Retinol – Vitamin B12, cobalamin – Vitamin B8, biotin – Vitamin C, ascorbic acid – Natural vitamin D3 from lichen – Turmeric – Vitamin E tocopherol Folic acid, Vit B9 – Sodium it it citrates It – It it Carnauba it it it waxes Copernicia prunifera It – It oil of coco (coating) – Zinc-

Gold & Glow

This is Reborn’s new cure. A proper urban shield will sublimate your complexion. Protection, hydration and pigmentation are the essential claims of this new apricot-flavored gummy, unique in its segment. Gold and Glow protects the skin from external aggressions and preserves it from photoaging while providing a tanned glow all year round. Your skin is hydrated, nourished, illuminated, and magnified.

Ideal for preparing your skin for the sun and enhancing your complexion. Composed of Copper – Selenium – Alpha beta tocopherol – Vitamin B2 – Vitamin E – Zinc – Beta Carotene – Apricot – Mango – Rose To conclude, what must be remembered is that REBORN is THE beauty to taste, the beauty that comes from within—the new routine to adopt urgently. So, please don’t wait any longer and fall for Reborn and his chewable gummies.

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