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Clams: How They Are Preserved And How They Are Cooked

After the purchase, immediately put them in the fridge, in their retina. Discard the broken or open ones. To purge them, use cold water with about 30 grams of salt. Cook them in a large, low saucepan with the lid on and without water.

Before Storing Them, The Clams Must Be Cleaned

How to clean clams? It’s simple. Just follow these few simple steps to the letter.

  • Please select the clams: those broken or already open, discard them. They may no longer be good;
  • Beat every single clam on the work surface to make them lose most of the impurities;
  • Put all the clams in a colander in a large bowl, place them under running water and rinse them thoroughly ;
  • Leave them to soak for a few minutes;
  • Repeat the operations until, after washing, there are no more impurities or sand residues on the bowl’s bottom.

How To Cook Clams

Clams are among the most adored and most involved mollusks in cooking. There are two species available: the genuine ones and the lupine. The first is handily perceived by its size: it can arrive up to 6 centimeters long. Then again, the lupine is significantly miniature, for the most part, doesn’t surpass 2.2 centimeters, and has a dark shell (in the language, it is likewise called “gray clam”) with roundabout streaks. It is more delectable than clams and is utilized in fish soups unequivocally due to this quality.

How To Treat Clams

Clams, like all seafood, have a short storage time, so you have to be careful. To keep them well, and at the same time to treat them correctly and to cook them with the most effective technique. But let’s see these three steps in order. The refrigerator is only a suitable place to store clams after purchase. Please leave them in their retina or bag and remember to consume them to the maximum within a couple of days. Clams, like clams, live in the water of their shell and can easily resist for 48 hours. After that, they must be eaten. If, on the other hand, they are left over, put them in a tightly closed glass container in their sauce after having filtered them, then put them back in the refrigerator. And even in this case, do not eat them beyond the second day of storage.

How To Store Clams

As for the treatment, the first thing to do is a selection: open or broken clams must be eliminated. The reason? They could be dead and carry bacteria or bad smells that will ruin your dish. To purge them, after sorting, the clams must be put with about 30 grams of double cooking salt for each liter of water where they are found. Then they have to rest for a couple of hours. At that point, they must be drained without moving the sand on the bottom of the container, then the water must be eliminated, and the cleaning step must be repeated twice.

Cooking must be done in a large and low saucepan. Here you need to add a drop of oil, white wine, and a clove of garlic, and only at the end of the abundant and well-chopped parsley. The flame must be low. The clams must be browned over low heat for about 10 minutes without adding water. The saucepan must have a lid, and care must be taken not to overcook the clams: they harden. For the quantity, adjust this: a kilo of clams is enough and left over to season pasta or rice for four people.

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