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Mistakes While Losing Weight: 8 Things Almost Everyone Does Wrong

There are a thousand reasons to lose weight. Sometimes it’s health, sometimes a specific occasion, or the simple desire to feel more comfortable in your skin. Whatever the reason, you can lose weight successfully if you avoid the following mistakes.

Whether general dissatisfaction, a planned wedding, or the desire to live healthier – there are a thousand reasons for losing weight, which is very individual. No matter what is behind it: For your project to succeed, you should avoid typical mistakes when losing weight. Learn from the experience of others who got these things wrong.

Mistake When Losing Weight: Avoid Whole Food Groups

As soon as you have decided to lose weight, you will be inundated by promising dieting methods. Sentences like:

  • Don’t eat after 6 pm!
  • Five kilos less in just four weeks!
  • Only eat high protein Food!
  • Avoid sugar and carbohydrates completely!
  • Eliminate fat from your diet!

Now let’s be honest: You shouldn’t impose bans on yourself that you won’t comply with. And you usually already know that before you’ve tried. The aim of a sensible diet and a subsequent change in diet should be a new balance that positively affects your metabolism.

Meal replacement can prevent just that, as you can precisely control the number of calories and provide your body with essential nutrients. This allows you to start a real diet change and build a new healthy relationship with food without sacrificing important nutrients.

With a sensible change in diet that also helps you lose weight in the long term, all foods are allowed, and prohibitions can be safely dispensed with. Calorie and fat bombs should only be eaten rarely and in small amounts. A change in diet works best if you have a plan.

Failure To Lose Weight: Wrong Goal Setting

Those dissatisfied with themselves and their weight want to escape from this situation as quickly as possible and solve the “problem.” Sometimes you have very high expectations of yourself in moments like this. It’s good to have a goal in mind, but you should be realistic about it.

So rather, set yourself intermediate goals that you can achieve in small steps. So you regularly have a positive sense of achievement that reinforces your plan to change something. You are also more motivated to persevere.

Regarding weight loss, you should trust scientific results: 2kg weight loss per month is realistic. The goal should always be that you get your nourishment permanently converted. On the other hand, most diets are not suitable for losing weight healthily and maintaining weight permanently.

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Mistake In Losing Weight: Do Not Use A Reminder

In particular, the transition from a fasting regimen back to everyday eating harbors many pitfalls. Sometimes there are days when you don’t feel as though you have eaten anything “right” because you are only snacking. But these supposed little things ultimately ensure that you eat a lot more than you thought.

So that you don’t lose track of what you eat throughout the day, this can, of course, come along as a small booklet in the traditional analog way. But you can also use an app. This makes “bookkeeping” particularly quick and easy.

Apps with barcode scanners are particularly useful. Then you can enter the food. Annoying calorie counting is thus made much easier, and you can write down your individual needs even more easily.

Failure To Lose Weight: Eat Little And Go Hungry

If you don’t eat enough, the body won’t get all of the nutrients it needs. Therefore, your metabolism goes down, and your body switches to a kind of economy mode to use as little energy as possible.

If you then eat more after a diet, your body stores all the extra energy in the fat cells to prepare for the next phase of hunger. You get into a vicious circle that often ends with the dreaded yo-yo effect. This unpleasant phenomenon is also known as hunger metabolism.

To stay on the ball and lose weight in the long term, food should above all satisfy your hunger and supply your body with all the important nutrients.

Mistake In Losing Weight: Wanting To Do It All By Yourself

Far too often, it happens that people close themselves off from each other and strive as dogged lone fighters for their sense of achievement. This often causes frustration (weight loss) and ensures that you don’t achieve your goals because you give up prematurely.

If you look at it pessimistically, you could say: “A suffering shared is a suffering halved.” That’s a shame because many things are easier in society, which is a good thing.

Better: pursue a common goal and motivate each other to persevere. It certainly takes a good dose of honesty and a little guts to open up to other people, perhaps even to strangers. But if a group of people is pursuing the same goal, it can be incredibly inspiring.

In online communities like the feminine forum, in particular, you can network with like-minded people and exchange ideas in an uncomplicated manner, no matter where you are. Here you can also exchange experiences. The feeling of togetherness will strengthen you, and the community will support you, even if you have a hangover.

Mistakes When Losing Weight: Lying Down, Sitting, Driving

Sports are not for everyone. That’s okay too. Refraining from exercise completely, however, is anything but healthy. Another plus point of the exercise: you can use it to boost your metabolism.

If you do sports and also build muscles, you can support your weight loss ambitions even further. Because more muscles increase your basal metabolic rate, which in total burns fatter and glucose, so try to exercise regularly.

If you haven’t discovered sport for yourself yet, set yourself at least daily exercise goals such as walking 10,000 steps. Or borrow the neighbors’ dog for a walk and avoid the elevator and escalator. Even climbing stairs every day gradually makes you fitter.

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Mistake In Losing Weight: Drinking Too Little

A large part of your body is made up of fluids. For it to function optimally, you have to provide it with sufficient fluids. Your body loses one to one and a half liters of water per day, which is excreted through the kidneys, intestines, and, in larger quantities, through the skin.

If you drink too little, it can harm your metabolism and slow it down. Therefore, regardless of whether you want to lose weight or not, you should always drink enough. Ideally, at least 1.5 to 2 liters per day – preferably water and unsweetened herbal teas.

Mistake In Losing Weight: Too Little Sleep

In the video, fitness trainer Andrea shows you which yoga exercises are particularly suitable for the evening. It’s not just food that provides you with energy. Your body also needs sleep to function optimally. If you are constantly tired, then your metabolism is also weak. Your body thirsts for fuel, and you feel more and more in the mood for sweet or fatty food – anything that provides a lot of energy.

Give your mind and cells enough time to regenerate. This is especially important if you have a lot of stress in everyday life. Try to get in the habit of following a fixed sleep schedule so that you get enough sleep. The steady rhythm will make you feel fitter in the morning.

Are you so stressed that it is difficult to get to sleep? Exercise helps here too! For example, make a short walk part of your evening routine or start doing quiet sports like swimming. Not only will you sleep better and lose weight more easily, but you will also go through life with more positive energy!


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