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Tea Tree Oil: Properties And Uses Of Melaleuca Oil

Tea Tree Oil is an extract from the Australian Melaleuca plant (hence also the name of Melaleuca oil ). It is a product with varied and healthy uses, already used by the Australian aborigines.

Tea Tree Oil: What Is Melaleuca Oil

Fans of eco-organic products increasingly emphasize it: beauty is a natural factor. This an assertion on which one can concur or not, yet the reality stays that today falling back on standard solutions for work on the contemporary perspective – which remains closely connected with a more critical thought of the need worth of prosperity – has turned into a “usual methodology broad. Improve magnificence medicines by zeroing in on regular items, for instance, taking advantage of the properties of rejuvenating balms, for example, “tea tree oil” or Melaleuca oil. From the branches and leaves of an Australian plant called “Melaleuca alternifolia,” this valuable natural ointment is refined with various gainful properties.

Inquisitive truth: in the Eastern Australian native practice, the inward breath of the natural oil removed from the Melaleuca plant created by pounding the plant was utilized as a cure against colds and hacks, while the neighborhood application was utilized to treat sores of the skin and wounds; today, notwithstanding, it is progressively present in surface level items. Regular disinfectant and antiviral, utilized in fragrant healing for its unconventional qualities (sustaining and empowering) and dynamic fixings that pass through the nasal mucous films, the “tea tree oil” addresses – yesterday as today – a suitable arrangement.

Tea Tree Oil, What Are The Properties

A premise is a must: it must be used carefully following the instructions, which change according to the degree of concentration of the essential oil contained in the product. Significantly few drops on the skin are sufficient. Like all essential oils, they must be kept out of the reach of children so as not to be ingested. Melaleuca essential oil performs a crucial antibacterial activity, especially against streptococci, candida, and fungi(in the “traditional” pathologies that can affect the feet of those who swim and work out in the gym). That’s all?

Not because it is functional against some skin diseases – from acne to blackheads, up to psoriasis – and it is excellent for effectively counteracting foul odors caused by sweat as well as in the certainly more complex cases of genital infections—urinary tract (chronic vaginitis and cystitis, to give two examples). And again, Melaleuca gel applied immediately after a burn reduces the temperature under the skin (intradermal), facilitating faster healing. Tea tree oil to fight flu symptoms? The answer is yes, but it can also help fight dandruff. Some also use it as a natural mouthwash, as it has a dual disinfectant and vital function. Furthermore, the essential oil of Melaleuca – whose smell is decidedly solid and intense – ​​​​can be used for an invigorating massage (in this case, mental relaxation is also guaranteed).

Tea Tree Oil: Carefully Choose Which Product To Use

The best essential oils are made by carefully following the principles of organic farming. One aspect above all: the use of chemical solvents is banned. So be careful when choosing tea tree oil; in the first place, read the label carefully to buy a natural product (it is easy to find in pharmacies and para pharmacies and herbalists). This essential oil should always be present in the cabinet of any home: it is well suited to solving aesthetic and health problems.

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